* GHIAA [dʒi:a] : Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance


Many countries have adopted ‘hydrogen’ as a means of decarbonization to respond to the global climate crisis.
The representative hydrogen industrial associations from each country agreed on the importance of private-sector cooperation to accelerate
the implementation of the global hydrogen economy and decided to promote the establishment of GHIAA.

Inauguration Process

  • Pre-Planning


    Proposal and consultation to establish an alliance among private associations

  • Proposal

    Members of GHIAA

    Signed LoI with 12 initial Partners based on the consensus to preparing official inauguation of GHIAA in H2 Mobility + Energy Show

  • Preparation

    Members of GHIAA

    Consultation on Articles and future plans

    Appointment of chairman

  • Inauguration

    Members of GHIAA

    Official Inauguration

  • Operation


    Holding seminars and forums

    Publishing reports and global statistics

    Fostering international projects

Main Role

  • Serving as a platform for joint technology development and investment opportunities to foster the hydrogen industry.
  • Harmonization of Rules and Regulations Including Certification and Trade Rules.
  • Sharing Experiences and Best Practices.
  • Bridging Intergovernmental Organizations and Hydrogen Industry.

Organizational Chart

Supreme decision-making body: General Meeting

- Members: Chair, 2 Vice-Chair, and representatives for each Member